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For more than 60 years, Polsit by Anika has stood for good sleep with the most modern ergonomic solutions: the best comfort ever, developed and manufactured entirely in South Tyrol. The bed is one of the most important elements in the home. Nowhere else do you spend so much time in an element. We at Polsit by Anika are the right contact when it comes to a good and particularly healthy sleep. 


It is a mattress constructed using independent springing with 5 zones of Italian production. The spring system is contained in a non deformable P30 rubber box which makes it robust and durable over time. With this type of boxing the mattress also acquires strength around the entire perimeter. On one side of the box a 3 cm thick memory sheet is fixed to make the mattress more pleasant. -Mattress cover w/hinge on 4 sides. -Machine washable 60°. -Height 25 cm.


Lisbona is a mattress composed of a sheet of foam non-deformable of the latest generation, shaped above and below in zones of different bearing capacities. High-density foams min.47 kg/m3 are used in the Hybrid line. Hybrid has obtained EUROFOAM certification, which certifies the presence in the foaming of the structure solid of a resin with min. 20% of natural substances. Available in 3 different stiffnesses: Firm - Medium - Soft -With cover and zip. -Machine washable at 60°. -Height 20 cm.


A mattress consisting of a solid sheet of the latest generation of breathable foam shaped in different zones with a plate of natural latex. -With 4-sided 100% cotton cover. -Machine washable at 40°. -Height cm.22.


Mattress composed of a breathable soft foam structure of the latest generation, coupled with a memory sheet and a base of load-bearing foam. Available in Firm or Soft versions. The original ORSA breathable BREEZE soft foam sheet placed immediately under the cover mitigates the effect of the memory and increases the breathability of the mattress. -With zip cover on 4 sides. -Machine washable up to 60°. -Height cm.25.


Mattress composed of a sheet of ultimate non-deformable foam, shaped above and below. Half of the sheet is pink and soft, the other half is greenish and is of medium bearing capacity. -With zip on 4 sides. -Machine-washable up to 90°. -Height cm.20.

Londra Contract

A pocket spring mattress for the hotel sector, where each individual spring is independent so that it responds optimally to the body's movements and ensures optimum load-bearing capacity and a restful night's sleep. -With zip -Machine washable up to 40°. -Height cm.23.

Parigi Contract

A foam rubber mattress with ergonomic load-bearing capacity. In a natural way, it can react to the body's load. The structure ensures free air circulation inside the mattress and thus excellent climate control. -With zip -Machine washable up to 40°. -Height cm.23.

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